Oooooooooooo and it's over.

Graduation has come and gone and I am once again situated back at home. I've got about 3 weeks till I start work, so I'm unpacking and getting myself situated to start the rest of life. I need to go out and buy some whiteboard, cork board, and some means of a dresser tomorrow because I have such an unbelievable amount of junk that needs to find a home.

Today was of course Mother's Day, but as opposed to past versions of today, I instead spent the day at my grandma's house in Iowa. We drove over there and chatted with family till about 5. Then Lindsey started complaining and we left and I white knuckled the arms of my chair for the next 2 hours as my sister drove 90 miles an hour back home. We returned home in one piece, albeit incredibly mad at each other.

I've been pondering my next financial move here since I've been home. I'm really in need of several things. A car, new motorcycle, various forms of insurance, and other odds and ends. I don't start work till the 5th of June though, and as is customary at my place of employment, I have a 6 month stint in where I need to basically prove to them that it was worth their money to hire me.

On account of this minor setback, I'm kinda hesitant to just start throwing away cash on (eventually necessary) goods. I've received various feedback from people and most have suggested I get a bike first because I've really wanted to replace my current one, it's summer, and my mom has other cars that I'm able to drive until I find more money to invest in an auto. I kinda wanna hold off though until that 6 months is over so that I can know for sure if I'm still gainfully employed. Anyways, we'll see what happens.

The final thing that's going on (and which I may just do to kill 3 weeks) is that I want my Linux+ certification. I'm confident that I can pass it with ease, so now I need to contact one of the CompTIA testing centers and find out when testing times are and how much it costs. I also want to buy a book to quickly skim over what will be on the exam. I know Linux like the back of my hand, but I want to be sure that I am prepared for whatever they have. I think this would also show a good amount of initiative to my employer too, and maybe result in better marks at the end of 6 months.

Anyways, I need sleep because of tiredness. Write later