Recently I competed in the Midwest Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition at University of Illinois with 5 other friends from school. The competition was flat out awesome. We all had a lot of fun as we tried to secure our network from the attacks of the Red Team. The competition required too that you continue to maintain business continuity throughout the competition. This included business injects and a scoring engine that would constantly be scoring you. Overall we did excellent….as in 2nd place. Yeah, I was hella proud of my team for all the hard work they did. We only ended up getting hacked once, but we were always being pounded by the Red Team. We missed out on first place by 3 tenths of a point, so that tells ya how good we really are.

I recently had to wipe my laptop and start over again with a clean install of linux. I just upgraded to Fedora Core 5 and boy was that a bad idea. Upgrades in general are never a good idea it seems, but this time I hosed myself, so too bad so sad. Anyways, I opted to try out Ubuntu this time as a desktop OS. I use it regularly as a server OS, but haven’t used much of its “user friendly” functionality. We’ll have to see how it all goes.

It’s almost the end of the semester and I’m so sad to be leaving. I want to get out into the world and all, but I also dont want to have to once again leave all the people I’ve gotten to know at school. I’m going to try to stick around the midwest, so hopefully I’ll be able to stop back in at Tech from time to time. Now I just need to focus on changing the world right? ;-)