Back at school for my last semester; man I cant wait to hit the road.

I’ve got a pretty full plate this semester with school projects. First, I need to wrap up this Flare server thingamajig. After a year and a half of constant working on it, its now or never. I have 2 more scripts that I need to write before Marty sends out the email to all the students.

The second project that needs to get done is NetReg. Dave came up with a rather ingenious plan of attack for NetReg and I’ve been doing my best to fit it in to the server. The biggest kick to the groin was that I have to use Perl’s SNMP modules to talk to the switches. Perl sucks so bad imho. I hate the language with a vengeance, so I haven’t been having much fun with that.

Spring is quickly approaching and that means motorcycle time. I need motorcycle so bad right about now to bring me out of the typical winter time “everything is cold and dead” depressive state. Plus, I’m just a big fan of mild to warm weather. Winter has its place, but it’s just too long here in the midwest.

Over winter break, Will managed to get on my bad side (so what else is new) by being his typical uber controlling self. Who cares though, it’s just one more person I dont have to deal with. I can only hope he comes down off of this lunacy, because he’s just making it worse for himself.

Atelier Iris has been put on the back burner for the moment, but I will finish it. It’s a most excellent game, and I need to keep hacking through the stack of PS2 games thats on top of my desk.

That’s all I got for the moment. Later all.