Hey so its Christmas! Yay! So I had a great Christmas this year. Here’s a rundown of some things I got

  • Stella Deus
  • Atelier Iris
  • Ark of Naphistim
  • Beard and mustache trimmer
  • Stranger in a Strange Land (book)
  • Lots of dress clothes
  • Best Buy gift card
  • Because he Could (book)
  • Give me a break (book)
  • Pixelicious tshirt
  • Live in your world tshirt
  • A new watch
  • other greatness

Also, I installed the new Wordpress release candidate (as can be seen on my blog). It comes with some pretty kickin new features.

My Abruzzo program is coming along most excellently. I’ve almost completely ported InProtect over. The code was absolute hell to audit, but I’ve almost got it

I’m thinking of setting up another Ubuntu box back at home to be an OpenVPN server. I may try OpenBSD but I’m not too familiar with BSD…we’ll see. If I do get around to doing it it’ll be great though, because then I’ll practically be on my home network from over at school.

So Christmas is almost over, but New Years is next, so I hope that will be good. I’m tired of hanging out with James and company, I wanna hang out with someone else over New Years.

Anyways, later all