Shadow of the Colossus is out! And I bought it! And it’s awesome!

The game was only 40 bucks too! It really is an awesome game though. You play a dude, who takes his dead girlfriend to this far away land cause he’s heard that he can bring her back to life there. When he gets there, this light shines down and starts speaking to him, telling him that it may be possible to resurrect the girl but the dude first has to do something for this god guy. So what does he have to do? Kill a bunch of monsters that a practically the size of mountains. Yeah, and all he’s got to do it are a sword, a bow and arrow, and a horse named Agro. So you ride around on your horse looking for the colossi, and when you find one, you’ve gotta kill it.

So how do you fight one to begin with? Incredibly cool-ly thats how. When you find one, you need to jump onto it, and you kinda climb up it until you reach one of it’s weak points. Thats when you bust out your sword and start driving it into the colossus. Blood starts shooting out everywhere and the thing flails around trying to throw you off. It’s wicked cool.

So far I’ve knocked out the first 2 colossi, now I’m moving on to the flying one!

I cant wait to go home this weekend! Gonna buy ice cream with friends (Jon you better be awake or sumthin, I forgot). And seeing the new movie Doom (yeah I know, it’s like the first movie in 4 years I’ve seen thats not pirated. Hey thats what college does to you). And then Halloween and candy and party and yay!

Cya all!