Since I needed to help out a friend with Wordpress, I kinda just adopted using it. It has some cool features that make it much simpler to use than MoveableType. I dunno which one I like better.

So recently I’ve been busy rounding up resume and job finding activities. I posted my resume on, as well as went through the steps required by our Career Planning and Development Center to get them started at finding me work. I need to talk with my dad next, and jetison the resume to Matt’s parents as well as all my family members. I want work when I get out of school! I dont want to have to worry about finding it!</p>

In other news, my cousin basically gave me a brand spanking new free computer. It’s badass, 3 GHz, 512 meg of RAM. The only downside was that it didnt have a hard drive in it (he kept the old one) and it only used SATA disks (which I have none of). No problem though. Whipped out my trusty BestBuy gift card and dropped 120 of its unused greatness on a new 100 gig SATA drive. Hello new computer. Of course I put linux on it, trusty Fedora Core 4. Cant wait to get all my gizmos set up and going on it.

School has been taxing. Open Source committee is in the gutter cause none of the members cept me and Emborsky care about it. Thats about all I’ve done recently though.