I tell ya, when it rains it pours. I received another job offer today (that puts me at 3), and while I didnt hang on long enough to get into the gory details, I can only assume that it had something to do with the security competition I took second place in.

Having all these people call me and offer to give me money really makes me look back and question why I was so concerned about not having a job in the first place. It cracks me up to this day to realize that there are people out there who's job it is to find me a job. Headhunters rule. If it weren't for their selfless determination to get paid, then I may seriously be worried about finding work. Good old U.S of A.

So today I finished my last final. It was a presentation, and like most presentations, I obliterated it with goodness. I've got a nack for speaking about stuff in front of people I think. I always get really flamboyant and start waving my arms around and speaking like the subject is the greatest</strong> thing in the world. It was a final "hurrah" for me at Tech. I'm really gonna miss the place.

Emborsky got a summer job as well. Super proud of embo there. I don't know what all is going on back at home but I think James is going to a real college this year. Will isnt going to school anymore, and I dunno what's up with Liz. I start work June 5th, but I hope that I can help James move in to school (if he's going) come fall.

I finally beat Stella Deus, which was a terrible game, and I've started my way through Atelier Iris 2. Not quite sure if I'll like it anywhere near as much as the first, but anything is better than Stella Deus.

Yesterday I experienced how creepily easy it was to use Amazon's One-Click shopping. I bought a book, and like that</strong> 11 bucks had left my wallet. It's going to be a good book because Ben Stein wrote it, but it just creeped me out how fast I just spent 11 dollars. Need to keep this urge to buy under control :P

Since school is over, I've got to stick around the fort till Saturday. Commencement is then, and after that I'll be making my way back home. Must...find...something....to do....to kill the time.