Back at home once again. After several days of pulling my hair out looking at the mess that I brought back with me, I finally started organizing my room. I've managed to get it all back together as of today.

Went out and spent a chunk of money too. I needed to buy some frames for various documents and I also needed to pick up a wireless card for my Gateway machine and some DVDs. All's going well after some initial headache with the wireless card. Thank god it had an atheros chipset.

I believe something is funky with the other wireless card in one of my boxes though because it has one of the hacked realtek chipsets and it's not happy. The performance is pretty slow actually. Maybe in the future I can buy another G card that has an atheros chipset. Good old atheros.

I bought and finished a new book from Ben Stein called How Successful People Win</em>. It was a really motivating book, and I really like Ben Stein anyways. He is always very knowledgable about economics and I like to listen to him speak.