So a ticket came in today from a user. Here’s the content of it

From: Attacker <>
Date: 15Feb2013 09:39:43CST
To: "" <>
Subject: great!
hi employee

So how do you think our star employee fared when faced with this obvious spam message. Did the Attacker win? Or did our faithful Employee, in his excellence, thwart the Attacker and save compsec some headache.

The result? Employee opens a Helpdesk ticket with the following

From: Employee
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2013 1:43 PM
To: helpdesk
Subject: Fwd: great!
whhooopsss. I got sucked in. this appeard to be from a close colleague and I
clicked before I thought.
-- Employee
Do good and don't look back.
--Dutch proverb

Congratulations sir. You fail. Perhaps he could do us all some good and just stop using computers.

Here is your prize